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Opening Expo TEXTILE JEWELRY “Sortint de l´Ou” of Eva Terrades 27/05/2022 ARTEARTESANIA

Donde: ARTEARTESANIA. Calle de Sa Lluna 43
Date of Exhibition: Desde el 27/05/2022 al 27/06/2022
Start: 27/05/2022 - End: 27/06/2022
Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 11 a 19

Opening Expo TEXTILE JEWELRY “Sortint de l´Ou” of Eva Terrades 27/05/2022 ARTEARTESANIA

From Friday, May 27 to June 27, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. you can visit “SortinT de l’Ou” TEXTILE JEWELRY Expo by Eva Terrades

Textile jewelry from the bowels of the textile memory of Mallorca, a design that explores the relationship between materials and emotions, typical of textiles, smells, colors, shelter, identity

@evaterradespallicer reinvents, recycles, cuts, sews and embroiders to leave us with a quasi-entomological testimony of a butterfly from Mallorca that is extinct….

Eva Terrades Joyeria Textil ARTEARATESANIA





Contemporary jewelry is genderless.

Contemporary Jewelry accepts experimentation with all kinds of materials.

Contemporary Jewelry understands the Jewel as a means of plastic Expression.

Eva Terrades joyeria textil ARTEARTESANIA
Eva Terrades joyeria textil ARTEARTESANIA

Contemporary Textile Jewelry

Fabrics, seams, pieces of fabric, embroidery, wefts with different threads, fabrics with different techniques, are the materials with which Eva Terrades makes her delicate pieces.

It is a pleasure to present the next exhibition in the small room of ARTEARTESANIA.

Eva Terrades Pellicer is Majorcan and in her range of life experiences, she treasures during 6 months in India working as a volunteer for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, with women with high degrees of disability, an experience that marked her life…

to almost the other extreme, becoming passionate about the world of fashion, and arriving in New York, working for years with the designer Miguel Adrover, for example…

But it happens that she returns to Mallorca and changes her state, stops traveling, becomes a mother,

she decides to go down to the calm of the embroidery and germinates there the seed of the work that we will see.

Creativity and Reuse:

Another very important point of Eva Terrades’ Work is that she reuses pieces of different fabrics, many of them are old Majorcan fabrics, which give her work a subtle and authentic local character.

The fabrics keep the emotion, the smells.

The clients of the Contemporary Jewelry Galleries, for the most part, are not specialists or collectors, they are simply sensitive people who are attracted by certain pieces that they want to wear, without further pretensions…

However, a very attractive aspect of contemporary jewelry is its closeness to the body.

Among the postulates of Contemporary Jewelry we find, in addition to the Jewel transformed into a means of plastic expression, the very body that carries the Jewel, can be understood as the exhibition space of the work…

The complicity of the wearer has always been essential when framing the creation of the Jeweler.

These types of pieces are displayed and worn differently.

They come to acquire prominence and set trends…



invites you to the Exhibition “SORTINT DE L’OU”

by Eva Terrades Pallicer

next May 27 from 18 hrs.

Music in the Cave from 10:00 p.m.

Joyeria Textil Eva Terrades ARTEARTESANIA
Joyeria Textil Eva Terrades ARTEARTESANIA

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Comments from Alla, the model of the Pieces.

  • Speaking of how special Eva’s work is, it is impossible not to mention one of its greatest benefits: weight. The pieces are so light and soft that while you have it on you almost do not notice anything else apart from the attention that the pieces attract.
  • And then, packing for a weekend getaway trip, you just put it in your jumper and that’s it, no extra weight or space… Isn’t that great?
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