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Marta Ratti

Marta Ratti’s technique is subtle, the oil works in the manner of watercolor and for certain subjects she sheds the color to give rise to the drawing. The void in space has a lot of prominence in his work.

The usual support is the canvas, and in the case of the engravings the edition is made in Fine Arts papers and Guarro paper of high weight.


Marta Ratti

Born in the city of Buenos Aires. Architect. Master in Form and Communication, University of Belgrano de Buenos Aires. She studied drawing in workshops with Moore and Valderrey. Since 1989 she lives in Madrid, Spain.

She has made scenographies of Argentine films and co-productions with Spain, theater designs, correspondent for the Buenos Aires Herald newspaper. She has written and illustrated children’s books for the Community of Madrid and international publishers as well

Her work is part of the TESTIMONI collection of Contemporary Art of La Caixa.

Her works are part of public and private collections in different countries in Europe, USA. and Latin America.

This exhibition in Arteartesanía – paintings and prints – showed a selected part of the COLOR-MOVIMIENTO-MEMORIES series. The attempt is/ was to combine its 3 daily territories, its 3 places in the world:

COLOR- Mallorca
MEMORIES- Buenos Aires

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