ARTEARTESANIA RE-opens the Small Room to Exhibitions of “Contemporary Jewelry” or “Art in small format”

The idea with the exhibitions is to enable Artisans/Contemporary Artists to show their work, through an Exhibition in Sóller.


DORA GOOD (intervention of the Small Room year 2007)

Inauguration of the ALBERTO MIGUEL Exhibition

arteartesania Escultura 5 - Alberto Miguel


2017 – BORIS JAKOV – Exhibition of silver pieces cast in Cuttlefish

Questions about the format and conditions.

This exhibition occurs through a collaboration whose costs are assumed by ARTEARTESANIA (Space rental, attention during the Expo, light, posters, etc.) and that the Exhibitor shares by donating at the end of the Expo, a Piece (of an estimated value of PVP €300.00) which becomes the Gallery’s Artwork Fund.

These Exhibitions are a way to “introduce” the artisans who will be part of the ArteArtesania staff. (as happened with Ramon Puig, Silvia Walz, Judy Mc Caig, Yukiko Kitahara, etc)

At the end of the Expo we would like to have a sample of your pieces that were exhibited, so that they have their space and market them during the season (some of them will also be for sale during the Expo in the online shop on the website, at At first, the pieces that remain after the Expo will go to the web shop)

How many days does an exhibition last?

The Exhibitions last 2 or 3 weeks (to be agreed with each Artist)

There are three days prior to Assembly and 1 day after to disassemble

At least one month in advance, we require photographs and texts, curriculum, etc. of the Artist/Craftsman that allow us to prepare a presentation of the expo, as well as the name of the exhibition if it is specific to the occasion, with technical characteristics of the work, as well as other information that serves as an introduction to the exhibited work

What is the % of the sale, which remains the Gallery?

Here then there are two parts.

The first While the Expo lasts and for all the exhibited pieces, the Gallery keeps 33% of the PVP, (without VAT), that is, in cash sales, there are two parts for the Artist, one part for the Gallery, Yes the customer wants an Invoice or pays by card, we increase the 21% VAT, which is collected and kept by the store to pay later.

The second, Once the exhibition is over and the pieces go to the Store (the group of pieces that we agree on can be on consignment this season), they are left in equal conditions as the rest of the suppliers, on the cost price, it is recharged 50% plus VAT

Is there an “Opening”? Does the gallery pay these expenses?

If we open on a Friday there are two and a half hours from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. of vernissage and then from 10:30 p.m. the inauguration usually continues with a celebration in the courtyard / Workshop with live music (some group of local musicians ) and from 10:30 p.m., there is a small bar with drinks…

If the Exhibitor has a preference for some type of Opening in particular, we can agree on it…

Is there a promotional poster? The cost is borne by the gallery?

If posters and postcards are made to leave in hotels, the cost of which is assumed by ARTEARTESANIA

How is the return of what has not been sold?

At the end of the Expo, if the Exhibitor does not reside in Mallorca and cannot collect the pieces, we can agree to send those that have neither been sold nor remain in the Gallery, by transport agency.


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