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Contemporary Jewelry


Works Gallery ArteArtesania Small Format


Unique pieces, ceramics, leather, porcelain, glass, etc.


Carlos tellechea joyería de autor, joyería contemporánea, pátina de plata, arteartesania,

Balearic master of crafts, develops and produces hus collection in Sóller, Mallorca, since 2000 and it’s recognized as a local product by the Consell in 2003. The Collection is made in 925 Silver, with 22k Gold Leaf, applied in the flower chalice.


Discover an original selection of crafts, made by contemporary authors

Personal pieces, by design, treatment of materials, etc… and always backed by a Craftsman…

¿Why to shop al Arteartesania?

Buying in Arteartesania uniquepieces, you’re betting on a model of sustainable economy, avoiding intermediations, and in additin helping to preserve crafts, culture and local development…

ArteArtesania is a private iniciative that aims to be a sustainable economic alternative, to foster creativity, internationality ant the exchange of ideas, wich approaches handicrafts through the Creative part towards the world of Art.

Thank you very much for your interest in our work anf the selected pieces.


Artists and Creators who exhibited at the ArteArtesania Gallery and collaborate with the project

Steven Appleby

Silvia Walz

Ana Hagopian

Judy McCaig


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