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Jordi Carreras

Jordi Carreras is able to efficiently maneuver his artistic expressiveness, almost naked of resources, his approach to the simplest part of beauty is so elementary that the names of many classical painters quickly pass through your mind, trying to explain, for example, the use of color in his work


Jordi Carreras

Jordi Carreras Solé, Barcelona, 1960

… painter, photographer and creative director. After making his Bachelor of Fine Arts, he directs his professional career to the duality between painting and art direction in advertising. His work has received numerous international awards, including the Golden Lion of the Cannes festival.

Clearly influenced by “Modernism” and subsequent painters representing Catalan twentieth-century realism, Jordi Carreras Solé shows us in his most recent work the will to capture Mediterranean light in an elegant and timeless way.

Everything is in front of our eyes.
Everything is so obvious, superficial, vulgar, ignored …
Jordi Carreras as an alchemist cat, pay attention to everything
And creates another dimension.
It transforms the custom, the everyday into beauty. It gives him life.
Figures, Landscapes, Fruits, Objects … latest works.
I hope … we wait for the next ones, brother.

R. Jover

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