Date of Exhibition: Año 2016
Start: 30/09/2016 - End: 21/10/2016

Our world is constructed of nested realities, like a Russian doll. Consider all the overlapping worlds you live in: family, work, friendships, public and secret lives, dreams, memories, being alone and in the company of others… not to mention the invented worlds of books, art and films, where Steven has built his career.

REAL | UNREAL plays with what is and what might be.

Does falling in love mean falling into another world? It sure feels like it. Sleep is a world, and so is the night, with its darkness, superstitions and fears. Rise from your bed at three in the morning and you’ll find yourself in a very different world.

REAL | UNREAL looks at what’s outside and what’s inside.

Can you swear that the physical world you see, touch and feel is truly real? Touching and feeling – what does that prove, anyway? Perhaps at the end of our lives we’ll close our eyes for what we think may be the final time…
…and open them again in a new place, knowing deep in our souls that THIS TIME we’ve awoken in the real world. This time, for sure…

Obra de Steven Appleby a la venta en Arteartesania.

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