Calas “Florentina” GOLD Bracelet (5 Calas)


PIECE: Callas “Florentina” GOLD “Bracelet (5 Callas)
MATERIAL: Silver 925 Gold Application 22 kt.

The bracelet is adjustable in size
Choose between S, M and L and we will send you a custom one

The bracelets, to prevent them from losing their shape, are placed on the side, entering through the thin side of the wrist and adjusting with a half turn to their natural position, with the flowers standing out above.

Unique pieces handmade by CARLOS TELLECHEA



PIECE: Bracelet Callas “Florentina” GOLD “(5 Cleats)
MATERIAL: 925 Silver + 22 kt Gold Application.
AUTHOR: Carlos Tellechea

This piece is relatively adjustable, giving the possibility of minimally expanding or contracting it for its best fit.

As they are unique handmade pieces, there are NO two identical pieces. All have small variations.

Production technique, materials used:

The Flowers are made from wire and silver plate 925. The sheet is folded in different directions until the body of the flower is obtained, to which a small wire pistil is welded that ends in a ball.

Once the flowers of different sizes are made, they are combined to get the different pieces of the Collection, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings etc.

The entire collection is made in 925 Silver and with a 22kt Gold Leaf finish in the chalice of the Flower.

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Additional information


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