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Interviù con Katie McCann

A visitar una exposición, y si es posible en el día de la inauguración, siempre da un poco de conocimiento de la vida de un artista. La visualización y la catalogación de las imágenes en la Internet que no tiene, obviamente, la misma intimidad de nuestras salas de exhibición y no transporta igual el talento . Para aquellos de ustedes que no conocen Katie y sus exposiciones personalmente, hicimos una pequeña entrevista con Katie. Para llevar este gran artista un poco más cerca  a ustedes y para saber un poco más  sobre ella. Si la lectura sea divertida y muchas gracias de nuevo a Katie McCann.


(Entrevista noviembre de 2011)




It seems that you spent your childhood and youth in London or did you only go to the College of Fashion in London? (If you grew up in Europe, how did you come to California?)  

I was born in London and grew up in a place called Windsor. When I was 19, I moved back to London where I attended the London College of Fashion. I moved to California in 2000 with my husband and our 3 boys. My husband found a job near San Francisco and we thought it would be an exciting adventure to move to America.

What mentality does make life more pleasant, the American or the British European?

I think I still prefer the European lifestyle. Even after 11 years in America, I still feel very English/European. San Francisco is a very beautiful, cultured city but it does not have the same atmosphere as say London, Paris or Palma. 

Are handcraft and art what you are doing as your profession?

Yes, making art is my job. I cut paper and make collages every day. 

Is artisan an accepted profession in the US?  

In a way yes. But I think it is hard for artists/artisans to get the same respect as someone in the business community. For some people, art is still seen as a 'hobby' or part-time job. But with more access to the internet and websites like Etsy, I think it is becoming easier for artists to sell their work and broaden their audience.   

If you have to guess, how many kilos of paper do you have in your studio?  

I would not know! I have so many books, magazines and paper in general. I have over 100 Vogue magazines alone and many encyclopedias. I am always looking for and buying books that inspire me or have interesting images that I can cut out.  I have no more shelf space, so many books are piled on the floor! When I am working there is also so much paper everywhere in my studio - tiny pieces on the tables and floor. With any paper that I have left over from my art work, I make paper flowers so I have many of them around my work space too.  

Almost every work of you has a lot of super-tiny cutted pieces --- how do you cut such fine details? Do you use a loupe? Do you have special equipment? And do you have days where your nerves and your patience do not allow yous such fine handcraft?  

I always use scissors with straight blades. I feel very comfortable with scissors and I find it is the only way that I can cut the tiny, fine details in my work. I spend hours using the scissors, so I have to find ones that are very comfortable - I think I am still searching for the perfect scissors! Cutting and collaging is very relaxing for me. I love creating the details in my art like cutting tiny flowers, fine branches or insect wings. I like to challenge myself to cut the most difficult thing - right now that is probably jellyfish tentacles!  

How much time do you need for a normal (20x30cm) collage? 

Sometimes if I am very focused, I can finish it in 2 hours. But very often, I am working on 4 or 5 pieces at once so it can take 1 - 2 weeks to finish all of them. I often start a collage and then I have an idea for another one, so I start that one too and so on. But if I was to sit down and just work on one with no interruptions I think I could finish in a couple of hours.   

Does your son like your work? 

I have 3 sons and they like and appreciate my work. They are not creative in the same way as me though. Right now, they are very busy with their sports, but one of them has just started doing art/drawing at school so maybe he will end up enjoying art too.  

How do you spend your time when you are in Mallorca? 

I love to have coffee in the square - that is always the first thing I do! I also go to the beach and visit different places on the island. I would love to hike but I visit in August so it is too hot! I go to Palma which is one of my favourite cities and I also love to eat Mallorquin food - Sopas is the best!   

Do you like the Mallorquin/Spanish culture?  

I love it - I want to live in Mallorca one day. The people are wonderful and the culture and traditions are inspiring. I find that there is a true appreciation for art in Soller and there is a creative energy amongst the people.    

Do you also get inspirations for your work here in Spain? 

Yes definitely, and one example is that I often collage on roof tiles, because many years ago, I noticed artists in Soller were painting on them, so I tried it and now I do it here in America and people are fascinated by it.  I am also inspired by the beautiful landscape of Mallorca and the architecture.  

Knowing that your collages are also hanging in several European houses now, decorating living-spaces, how do you feel?  

This is a very positive aspect of my work - knowing that the pieces I create go on to live in other peoples houses, especially in Europe - it makes me happy and I feel encouraged to keep on creating my collages.  


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