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'The goddess' an exhibition of Pere Salva

This friday, April 14, returns Pere Salva to ArteArtesania.
Opening from 8:00 p.m.
Opportunity to immerse yourself in a "dark-naive" vision of the adolescent world, if you are interested in Comic, illustration, independent painting and zombies. Pere Salva reflects with absolute naivety and without any pretense of judgment, the dark world of our teenagers, bombed with contradictory messages and multiple demands and with a worrying social panorama around ...
With 10 years of coherence Plastica in his works, Pera Salva is already an indispensable part of Contemporary Art of the XXI Century in Mallorca.
Invert in Contemporary Art, give the next occasion an original of any of the young artists of the island, who are willing to live their work to continue in the creative process, consummate with head and heart, fit even for vegans, consumma Local contemporary art ...

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'Opening'  30.03.2018

Nicola Prati

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