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Exposición 'Aurea' de Quico Tent

ArteArtesania prepares the beginning of the exhibition season
Returns, after more than a lustrum to exhibit in our gallery, Quico Tent.
One of the last man of Majorica, (who would say who knows), Talent, trade and experience meet in this majorcan which we bring to Soller again, with his exhibition "AUREA"

Betting on Contemporary Jewelry, the culture and the authentic values ​​of this island ...

Quico Tent:
"... Contemporary Jewelery for me is a way of living, working and going beyond the simple fact of creating a jewel or an object / sculpture. It is a process of design and creation of unique jewels and Handmade. A production that is intrinsically linked to how we understand life, and how we develop in it. Full of stories, moments, experiences and sensations, we harmoniously join them to be captured by being seen and transported to another place, unimaginable until that moment.
And that's where his most important part of this truss is, direct communication of the designer with the rest of the Universe. That creative process that gives its fruits in a jewel, a small sculpture and that somewhere, out there, will make someone to see it, is hypnotized by its magic ... "

"With the passing of the years we are transforming our inner world, creating day by day a space in which to exist. Where the sacred becomes profane and the everyday sacred, raising and balancing our inner world, turning our acts into the ART OF LIVING. "

Inauguration: The next Friday, April 14, in the small chamber of ArteArtesania


The designs for this collection are inspired by a part, in the search for an inner balance, of a midpoint between the poles that exist in ourselves. And in another, in Sacred Geometry; in the golden proportions.
These two parts together make it possible to create designs that go beyond the pure ornamental of a jewel, becoming sacred objects, amulets, symbols that modify the deeper structures of our psyche, whether or not we understand mathematics, proportions, physics, etc. to enter in a new reality through keys, symbols, forms, proportions.
This is why the designs also have two faces, reflecting a visible, external face and another inner face, hidden.
My intention with these pieces is to bring to the surface those archaic and deep emotions that exist in each of us and thus be able to give light, clarity, understanding, freedom, to that deep energy that lives in us.
My creations are necessary to go beyond the illusion of this reality that we experience. To discover our true nature, pure and clear by itself. Without limitation of any kind to be, to live and to experience what we have always been ...


--> exposición 'Visions' del 2011 de Quico Tent en Arteartesania


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