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"En Viaje" - "In Journey"

An exhibition of Gloria Gastaldi

In Journey

IN JOURNEY is a strange connection between the past and the present,
Among people who for different reasons took the initiative of
moving, to relocate. I unconsciously choose water as a medium,
as a nexus to give life to this small world.

Most of the pieces are chiseled metal. The chiseling is a
Technique that curiously conjugates fragility and flexibility, makes
possible that the rigid material is flexible, something that always
fascinated me. I think the flexible cannot brake. The apparent fragility
of the work is the challenge, becomes possible through this technique.

I use jewelry first as a working process, then trying to have the jewel interact with the body, giving it a not only utilitarian sense

I made jewelry for a long time, and I realized that I was trying to make objects, that's why I decided to use the technique to give life to future objects or sculptures.

In Viaje ... arises from the unconscious, that surely was forging from my ancestors, casually immigrants transferred in boats.

Gloria Gastaldi
1965. Río Cuarto, Córdoba. Argentina
Lives and works in Barcelona since 2001.
Since 1990 he has been engaged in Jewelry, after a long period of making Ceramics.

Self-taught, formed from a great intuition, curiosity and having
Worked with great professionals, such as Carmen Amador, who was a
Of its teachers and promoter of this project used the chiseling technique.

P.Lorente + J.Carreras



sculptures, objects y jewels

'Opening'  18.08.2018

Carlos Tellechea

permanent exhibition 

Jordi Carreras

First edition finished

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