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Terms and Conditions

The general conditions set forth in this document exclusively and solely govern the purchase of products offered by ArteArtesania in their online store

Legal Notice published on this site identifies the owner of the website as set out in this regard in Article 10 of Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Sl Similarly, the Legal Notice contains information about the policy of protecting personal data carried by ArteArtesanía.

The products offered on this website are intended for private consumption, so that its acquisition is subject to conditions relating to the contract of sale.
The purchase contract starts working at the time the client gives express confirmation of your order, for which you will need to accept the conditions previously indicated.
For this reason, ArteArtesanía recommends customers complete reading of the legal notice as published in this website as the general conditions and the data sheet in the specified features, price and shipping method before sending the order formalizing acceptance and contract.

This Agreement is entered into the legal framework established by the Civil Code, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Contract and Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade, so that the consumer has all the guarantees set out in Law 26/1984 for the Protection of Consumers and Users and 23/2003.
Furthermore, this contract is within the general framework for Electronic Commerce established by Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Similarly, the data provided by the customer during the checkout process receive the right treatment for it in the unique Organic Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data as described in section Privacy Policy.

Having identified the seller and the object of sale in the catalog on the website, and all information on features and price of each item contained in its corresponding tab, this contract is held under the following conditions.

1. Payment

This contract is established and binding on the parties as to the obligation to supply of goods by the seller and the payment of the price set by the buyer from the time of acceptance by it. The full payment of the price of the products listed on the tab foreach of them, will be made by any of the following forms, with the choice of one or another form of payment, buyer power granted.

Payment by credit card or debit card.
The customer can choose to pay by credit card or debit card, so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed.

Payment by bank transfer.
· The client making a bank transfer for the total transaction to the account that the seller has told you. For this form of payment may be valid, establishing a maximum period of seven days as from the order confirmation. If after this period the transfer has not been effective in the seller's account, the order is automatically canceled and the contract will be considered resolved and no effect for either party.
The customer must indicate on the transfer the following data:
Name of person or entity to which the order must be checked, indicating also the billing information.
DNI, NIF, billing address if different from delivery.
Code, town, county and telephone number.
Order number assigned automatically by the system upon completion of the purchase process.
Indicate how the transferee to
C / Sa Lluna 43
07100 - Soller
Mallorca - Spain.


Payment on delivery.
Once delivered the goods, the customer must deliver to the carrier 100% of the transaction, including VAT.

2. The right of revocation and Return Policy

As provided in Article 44 of Law of Retail Trade, the buyer may terminate this contract within seven days after receipt of the merchandise.
Once notified the seller the buyer's withdrawal, it must return the goods to the seller in the same condition it was delivered.
The seller, meanwhile, requested a refund of the buyer within 15 days from receipt of the returned merchandise by delivery of the carrier.

Revocation will not accept orders or merchandise returns after the deadlines indicated.
The withdrawal shall be communicated by email to: within the indicated period of seven days. In response tothis email, the buyer will receive confirmation of receipt of the decision and full details of the refund procedure is necessary (return number, shipping and delivery address).

The penalty will not refund the buyer but shall bear the direct cost of returning the product to the seller in the terms foreseen by the third paragraph of that Article.


3. Transportation and Delivery

Shipping: (For orders over € 120.00 transportation is provided by ArteArtesanía.
In case of returning the goods, and as stated in Article 44 of Law of Retail Trade, shipping costs paid by the customer.
The product will be delivered within a period of between 24 hours and 10 days, starting from the acknowledgment of the bank transfer. This time may vary depending on the product and packaging their actions and the provinces of delivery. This information is detailed in the file for each product.
The period of delivery may be agreed in accordance with the client, in cases where the need for a custom manufacturing process to the client and / or in cases where the customer requests delivery at a later date.
For orders that include more than one product, the deadline is for the entire order, corresponding to the product to indicate the longer term.
In cases where the volume of orders accompanied by a reduction of available stock or stocks to be communicated to the customer a new delivery date is always the shortest possible time.
If the product is discontinued or is not possible to replenish stocks of the same, this fact shall be communicated to the client for, by his own decision or select a new product with similar features and price, or cancel the order, in which circumstances shall the repayment of any amounts paid (see clause First: Forms of payment).
If a breach reported fair or not more than 10 days of the date of delivery, the customer may request revocation of the contract, the cancellation of the order and the return of the money paid.
There will be a default in delivery delays attributable to the customer of their own volition or impossibility of their location and contact through the information provided by it.
Shipments of goods are made daily Monday through Friday and always having finalized the address with the client, which may establish a preference for a date or time of delivery at your convenience. (In this case, any responsibility for the delay in delivery be applicable to the client ·, never ArteArtesania.

No claims of damage caused by transport after 24 hours of receipt and delivery of products. (Upon delivery of the goods, the customer will receive the delivery note. At the same time · send the email address provided by the customer for the original invoice. If you do not receive the original invoice, the client request COULD · by e-mail to, indicating the holder of the bill, the corresponding order number and e-mail address where you want to receive it.

4. Guarantees

Under the provisions of Law 23/2003 Guarantee on Sale of Consumer Goods,ArteArtesanía CB. guarantees all products covered by this contract, in general andwithin 24 months from the date of receipt of the goods against defects in workmanship or nonconformance with the characteristics specified in it. Customer recognizes both the right to free repair of the product under contract as a free replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract, if applicable.
To enforce the warranty, the customer must contact · ArteArtesanía. via e-mail

Under no circumstances ArteArtesania C.B. accept responsibility for any defects orbreakage due to normal use of the products.

5. Communications

The signatories to this contract for the purpose of possible notices in relation thereto,as set ArteArtesanía home and its owner, Carlos Tellechea, the already mentioned in the legal notice and as a customer's home, the easier it will in the order form.

Similarly, and for any incident or breach in the sale, the signatories of this agreement issubject to the courts of the Balearic Islands in the event that this was another.

6. Pricing Policy

ArteArtesania reserves the right to unilaterally modify the price of products and services offered through its website
To ensure the accuracy and customer safety in the price of the products shall be considered as such those in force in the advertising at the time of placing the order.

Modification of the Privacy Policy and general

ArteArtesania reserves the right to modify and / or update both this document on its privacy policy and the general conditions contained in the, both documents to adapt both to new legal regulations and case law as new market information and industry.
If applicable, ArteArtesania undertakes to notify such changes and / or updates to theircustomers.

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