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Contemporary Jewellery

Brooch-Object ‘MeKanicksTemPsConTeynerHs’ by Mauri Lavayén
Price: 800.00 €
Silver-earrings with labradorite

Silver-earrings with labradorite

Silverearrings with labradorite for Paul

Price: 74.00 €

In our online shop, you will find pieces by many of the most representative national authors of Contemporary Jewellery.
ArteArtesania has been actively supporting art and design for more than 10 years. They have done so with their own production, by organising monographic exhibitions, workshops, etc. This new Contemporary Jewellery (*) movement as a profession takes its roots from handicraft, design and art.

Contemporary Jewellery by ArteArtesania

Contemporary Jewellery is a type of practice - understood as the contemporary offspring of a craft-based design activity that finds its origin in medieval workshops. Such a definition stresses contemporary jewellery’s historical past, and finds antecedents in the British and American Arts & Crafts movements, the renewed late XIXth century interest in manual skills (as a last stand against industrialisation), and the emergence of radical jewellery movements in the 60s: it underlines the notions of individuality, craftsmanship, and its troubled relationship to the production mainstream.
So then: most jewellers would agree that Contemporary Jewellery is a fast-evolving profession at a crossroad between craft, design, and art, currently ridged by identity concerns.?
A few distinctive characteristics, however, seem to be beyond debate: the human body as a general working area; an open attitude to methods and material that echoes art’s own agenda, complicated by the notion of wearability; the distinctiveness we associate with individual expression; and an emancipation from consumer goods’ vocation to ‘just’ satisfy consumer desires.??

Benjamín Lignel
Bethel, Metalsmith Magazine, 2006                                                                                 

Individual pieces of Ana Hagopian

Paper-chain of Amarilis
Price: 125.00 €
Long paper-necklace \'Fold\'
Price: 95.00 €

P.Lorente + J.Carreras



sculptures, objects y jewels

'Opening'  18.08.2018

Carlos Tellechea

permanent exhibition 

Jordi Carreras

First edition finished

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