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Carlos Tellechea

Carlos Tellechea

Born in Colón (Buenos Aires) ARGENTINA, on 29-09-1961.

He graduated with a Bachelor´s degree in Industrial Chemistry from the Catholic Faculty of Chemical Sciences of Rosario (Santa Fe) ARGENTINA.

His first entrance into the Craft worls was made in 1980 at the Pringles Market Square, in Rosario, where he secured a position to go sell his earliest works made of bronze and nickel silver.
 This line is the ¨Calas¨ line which has a clear "modernist" influence and has been made for over 20 years.  
  The flower itself is an "elemental" that was originally used as an ornament in a more elaborate line called "Leaves".
However, the construction of the Calas flower revealed itself as a form that represents an opening to the sky at one end and a connection to the land at the closed end.
 The synthesis of this led me to make the "Calas" line.

At the age of 22 he moved to the city of Córdoba (Argentina), and got a job there in the "Paseo de las Artes". Marquetry, inlaid mother-of-pearl and horn form the main features of his work from that period.
He began to participate in the annual editions of FECOR, the foremost Craft Fair held in Argentina in the Exhibition Center of the city of Cordoba.

At the end of 1984 he moved to San Javier, a small town in the Traslasierra Valley Province of Córdoba (Argentina), where he lived for six years.
It was here that he came into contact with traditional local artisans, who lacked the important skills of marketing their work (they exchanged it in the village store for food!).
During this period his work developed character and expression. He made his first sculptures in bronze, including his well known "Pumpkin Box" (see photos).
He made pieces for jewelry collections made Gianna and Franca (a prestigious fashion house of Cordoba): an exclusive series of buckles and accessories where you could experiment with an exotic range of materials like coral, semiprecious stones, tortoise-shell, teeth, etc.. Many of these ideas developed into small-scale sculptures.
In February 1990 he came to Spain, settling in Cercedilla (Madrid) until 1997, and involved himself in the rebuilding of the Association of Artisans of San Lorenzo del Escorial (the organization participates in the fairs "Handicraft Escorial", near the Monastery). From there he moved to Segovia to establish "Kermes" - a contemporary craft shop owned and staffed by craftsmen themselves.
Since 1990 he has participated in major State Craft Fairs and group exhibitions, as well as various competitions.
The figures have their origin in the work of Steven Appleby, a British illustrator, and were inspired by the sense of humor in his publications. A profound observation of human behaviour, everyday issues, private intimate partnerships, and thoughts we all have at any moment, are the subject of his cartoons ... Appleby's characters are two-dimensional illustrations and function as characterizations.
My own idea of the artwork, from sculptures to jewellery is three-dimensional by definition, and the aspect of “humor" is not by nature connected with any kind of serious jewellery . 


Artículos de Carlos Tellechea

Two large Calla-lilies silver bracelet, filled with gold leaf

Two large Calla-lilies silver bracelet, filled with gold leaf

925 sterling-silver
22k gold leaf 22k

Price: 205.00 €
Large Calla-lilies silver bracelet, filled with gold leaf

Large Calla-lilies silver bracelet, filled with gold leaf

925 sterling-silver
22k gold leaf 22k

Price: 135.00 €
Pendant Cala-lily large
Price: 115.00 €
Pendant Cala-lily medium
Price: 53.00 €

P.Lorente + J.Carreras



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Carlos Tellechea

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