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Although the name refers to a centuries-old culture, Artenazarí is the new and different world of leather. They are José Luis (Pepe) and Isabel. Pepe is the son and grandson of a craftsman from Ubrique and learned the trade from his father at a very early age. Restless, adventurous and in love with leather, Pepe could not settle with just learning the traditional techniques of the trade and become a good craftsman.
The research of new techniques and uses of leather and the need to transmit his knowledge have marked his career since the day he created his own workshop when he was 20. At 19, Isabel was his first apprentice and today she is still his workshop and life companion. They created Artenazarí together, a workshop known for its uniqueness and the technical and aesthetic quality of its work which is the result of combining tradition, research and creativity.
Their work has been recognized with awards in cities like Ubrique, Seville and Cuenca and we have participated in various exhibitions. 


Artículos de Artenazari


P.Lorente + J.Carreras



sculptures, objects y jewels

'Opening'  18.08.2018

Carlos Tellechea

permanent exhibition 

Jordi Carreras

First edition finished

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